To counter China, White House memo recommends a nationalized 5G network

The US federal government need to think about building and running a nationwide 5G mobile network in order to enhance security, lower dependence on Chinese devices, and to make sure that the US maintains a technological benefit over other nations, according to a dripped memo from the White House’s National Security Council (NSC).

The memo and an associated slide deck, released the other day by Axios, recommends that the Trump administration is thinking about an unexpected shift from independently run networks to nationalized facilities. The discussion brings the title, “Secure 5G: The Eisenhower National Highway System for the Information Age.” Market lobby groups and all 5 members of the Federal Communications Commission have actually currently slammed the tip, stating that the US must continue to count on personal market which providers are currently building 5G networks.

A government-run network might raise civil liberties concerns. Personal mobile providers have actually currently wanted to assist the National Security Agency perform monitoring of Internet traffic, but a government-run network might get rid of the need to get cooperation from personal business. The security of US Internet users isn’t really always the federal government’s leading concern, as we’ve seen in a different issue that refers to customer gadgets instead of high speed broadband networks. For several years, US police authorities have actually been aiming to persuade Apple and other tech business to compromise the file encryption that keeps personal interactions personal. Trump’s DOJ attempts to rebrand weakened file encryption as “accountable file encryption”.

The NSC memo states a new network is required both to avoid China from winning a technology “arms race” and to hinder attacks from state enemies. The federal government might aim to enhance security by enforcing requirements on personal business instead of building a network itself. But the memo declares that a government-secured network would be” the best network from a technical, performance, and security point of view.”.

“If USG [US federal government] protects the network, then just like the Eisenhower Highway System nationwide security becomes an essential chauffeur for implementation,” the memo states. The memo does not recommend nationalizing the existing 4G networks and states that providers might still construct different 5G networks with spectrum that isn’t really required for the theoretical government-run system.